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Name: Confectionery Page
Description: You can visit the Confectionery Page, place orders and have your sweets delivered to you. Available in Jamaica.

Name: Jamaican Craft Items
Description: Jamaican Craft Items, perfect for the visitors to the island.

Name: Toys, Musical Instruments, Electronics, Jewelery and Much more. Check them Out.
Description: You can do your Christmas Shopping Here. Go to the Shoping Page, and Browse at your convenience.

Name: Music Videos
Description: Here you can listen to nice music. Click on image to view.

Name: Tamarind Balls
Description: Dr.Dew Tamarind Balls are good.(Available in Jamaica.)

Name: Knitted belts
Description: Look at these knitted belts. View on Shopping page.

Name: Classified page.
Description: Upload any thing you want to sell. A car, furniture and even live stock. It is free.